Clatter is a rhythm section run amok – this world-touring bass and drum duo explores a maximalist approach to hard rock with pop surprises, like hard candy with a soft center.


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"Strawberry Park" (2014)

"Tree of Secrets" (2013)

"House of Trouble" (2007)

"This unique husband-and-wife drums-and-bass duo boldly alt-rock out on this live DVD without any other bandmates…. Amy Humphrey's tri-amped rig impressively spans bass and guitar tones, and she sings and digs in with her distinctive two-fingered claw technique on a burly Rickenbacker throughout."

- Bass Guitar Magazine



"(Clatter) proves that a stripped-down lineup doesn't necessarily yield an anemic sound - Clatter sounds huge on this concert DVD. The disc boasts a rockin'show in the group's hometown, and the camera mounted on Amy's Rickenbacker makes it a whole lot easier to cop a few of her cool licks."

- Bass Player Magazine



"If you walked into the venue blindfolded you would have no idea that the sounds you're hearing are coming from an amazingly talented bass player (Amy Humphrey) and one of the busiest and loudest drummers around (Joe Hayes)! I have a feeling we'll be hearing from CLATTER for a long time to come...."

- Barrett, KBBM 100.1 The Buzz



9/30 Ryogoku SUNRIZE

10/2 [木] 横浜 BAYSIS

10/3 [金] 新宿 CAT'S HOLE

10/4 [土] 新宿 ANTIKNOCK (お昼の時間)

10/6 [月] 稲毛 K’S DREAM

10/7 [火] 下北沢 THREE

10/8 [水] 東高円寺二万電圧

10/9 [木] 六本木 CLUB EDGE

10/10 [金] 新宿 URGA

10/11 [土] 新高円寺 CLUB LINER

10/12 [日] 梅島 YUKOTOPIA

10/14 [火] 西川口 HEARTS



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