The Rickenbacker Electric Bass: 50 Years as Rock's Bottom


Clatter traveled to Milwaukee on July 20 for the release party of Paul Boyer's book "The Rickenbacker Electric Bass: 50 Years as Rock's Bottom." The book is a beautifully designed and comprehensive look at the history of Rickenbacker basses and is chock full of photos detailing every color and variation of these basses over the past 50 years. There's even a photo of Amy with her 4003 bass!


As part of the book release, Paul hosted a Rickenbacker confluence that featured the display of dozens of Rickenbacker basses and a few guitars, many of which were rare or unusual. Attendees enjoyed chatting about the instruments they brought and impromptu jam sessions kept things lively. We're hoping Paul does it again next year!


You can see all our photos from the trip here.



Amy Uploads New "Bass Lines Deconstructed" Videos


Amy spent some time in May and June filming more videos as part of her "Bass Lines Deconstructed" video series on YouTube, where she takes specific song requests from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and demonstrates her bass lines and talks about how they came about. The newest videos feature the bass lines from "For Her," "Monarch," "Downstream," "Strawberry Park," "Tree of Secrets," "March of Flames," and the song "Threads," featured below. To see all the videos, check out the Clatter YouTube page.



















Clatter DW Drums Showcase at Sweetwater's GearFest 2013


Clatter was asked to perform for a DW Drums workshop at Sweetwater Sound's GearFest 2013 in Fort Wayne, Indiana on June 22. The workshop, showcasing three new snare drums from Drum Workshop, was put together by DW's Thomas Mitchell and introduced by DW's vice president John Good.


The Clatter set, played on a Drum Workshop Performance Series drum set, included three Clatter songs: "House of Trouble" (featuring the Performance Series snare), "Downstream" (featuring the Thin luminum snare) and "Nevsky Prospekt" (featuring the powerful Concrete snare).


As always, we had a fantastic time walking around GearFest looking at all the latest in music gear, and had a blast getting caught up with last year's friends and meeting new ones, like Dave from Digital Performer and John and Steve from Extreme Headphones. Plus, we were blown away by workshops by Bill Kelliher, Billy Sheehan, and Terry Bozzio – each was incredibly inspiring in its own way. We're already looking forward to GearFest 2014!






Summer School Workshop at Rockbridge in Columbia, Missouri


Amy and Joe returned to Rockbridge High School in Columbia, Missouri to conduct a workshop for some of the summer school students in June 2013. Because the performing arts center was being renovated, Clatter didn't perform for the entire student body this summer, but visited the classroom of the visually-impaired students where everyone got to enjoy hearing instrument demonstrations, singing songs, and playing percussion.


If you know of a school or music program that would enjoy a Clatter presentation, let us know!







CoMo Girls Rock! Camp


For one week in June 2013, Amy taught five 12- to 18-year-old girls how to play bass guitar as part of the Como Girls Rock! Camp in Columbia, Missouri. The goal of the camp, an offshoot of similar camps around the US, was to encourage young women to make decisions, take leadership roles, learn new skills, and trust their instincts, with the hope that the students would use these skills in other parts of their lives and leave camp with stronger self-esteem and more conviction in their endeavors.


Not only did the campers learn to play an instrument in five days, they also had to learn to work together in a band setting in which their band wrote an original song. Each band performed their song on stage at a showcase at local club Mojo's Saturday night.


In addition to instrument lessons and band practice, the girls enjoyed workshops and lectures throughout the week on everything from making zines and screenprinting band shirts to the history of women in music.


The entire camp was run by volunteers and all the music equipment was on loan from local musicians and music stores. The support of the local community was fantastic, and the showcase was packed with family, friends, and supporters who were all inspired by the hard work and accomplishment of the amazing girls on stage.


The plan is for this to be an annual event, so if you'd like to be involved in CoMo Girls Rock! Camp 2014, be sure to keep an eye on their web site!




Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camp




In February 2013, over his birthday weekend, Joe attended the Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camp in Thousand Oaks, California. Playing for eight hours a day over three days, Joe was able to hone his skills and learn new techniques from one of his favorite drummers.









Amy is Number One  2012 Bass Player Spotlight at No Treble!


Amy was the number one most popular bassist on No Treble web site's player spotlight for 2012! Read Amy's spotlight and get to know the other 9 bass players in the top 10!




Jasper Middle School Concert and Workshops


October 2012 saw Clatter making the trip to Jasper, Indiana for two days of workshops and concerts at the Jasper Middle School. Each day Amy and Joe demonstrated their instruments and equipment to small classes, and at the end of both days half the student body came to the beautiful performing arts center to hear a Clatter concert. Eventually all 800 students had a chance to rock out to Clatter!


If you know of a school or music program that would enjoy a Clatter presentation, let us know!





Clatter Attends Sweetwater's GearFest 2012


As the mixing for the "Garden of Whatever" CD was nearing completion, Joe and Amy started searching for new gear to bring the new songs to life on the road this fall and to replace some of our road-weary equipment. Lucky for us, our favorite music equipment dealer, Sweetwater, was having their annual GearFest at their beautiful, eco-friendly headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana June 22-23. It was an exhausting 1,100 miles in 69 hours but we had a fantastic time and everyone we met who worked at Sweetwater was unbelievably friendly (plus they had veggie burgers in the cafeteria!). We also met some amazing reps from many of the companies we love and we discovered some new favorites! Read more here.








Columbia Summer School Concert


On June 15, 2012, Clatter took a break from recording their new album "Garden of Whatever" to perform for some of the Columbia, Missouri summer school students at Rockbridge High School. The school has a beautiful, state-of-the-art performing arts center, so we were able to talk about what we do and play a concert to several hundred students, most of whom were elementary to middle school age.


After the presentation, the visually-impaired students were invited on stage to experience our instruments up close. They enjoyed taking turns playing the drums and bass, and listening to all the different sounds they were able to produce. It was awe-inspiring to see how quickly these kids caught on to making a beat or playing bass notes.


Clatter has done a variety of presentations for schools and students of all ages over the years; please contact us if you know of a school that would enjoy a Clatter music workshop!














Clatter helped organize a music and arts festival in Boonville in July 2011. There were art and music workshops, food sculpting, plein air painting, an art car, a community canvas for attendees to paint on, and the day was topped off by a free Clatter concert at Thespian Hall. Read more about it here!













June 9 - July 10, 2011

at Zuzak Wonder Store and Online


Last summer Clatter held a silent art auction to help raise money for CD replication. Artwork donations from fans and friends came from as far away as Scotland and included everything from a pop-up book to oil paintings to earrings to spooky Halloween sculptures. Bidding ended on July 10 at 5:00 p.m. CST. The Zuzak Wonder Store & Art Gallery in Boonville, Missouri donated space to display the artwork, and the items were also listed online. Winners included bidders from Sweden, Edinburgh, and London as well as people across the street from the Zuzak!


Here was the original call for submissions:


Clatter is asking their friends and fans all over the world to create and send us original artwork along the theme of "Garden of Whatever." This could be anything from sketch to sculpture, jewelry, clothing…the sky's the limit! All ages and skill levels encouraged. Every person who sends a submission will receive a limited-edition, signed copy of the "Garden of Whatever" CD. There will also be a variety of prizes awarded, such as most eco-friendly artwork, most money-raising, oldest and youngest artist, submission from farthest away, etc. We’re still taking submissions, so view this page for more submission info!

We will display all the submissions at the Zuzak Wonder Store & Art Gallery in Boonville, Missouri and are currently having an ongoing silent auction June 9 - July 9, 2011. The submissions are also featured online here so that people from all over can see and bid on the artwork. Every submission is accompanied by a bio and contact information for the artist, if supplied.



The idea behind this auction is not only to raise money for the replication of the new CD, but also to engage the community and encourage people to be creative. If we raise more money than is needed for the production of the "Garden of Whatever" CD, the remainder of the money will go to the Turner Hall River Rats for the Arts, a local non-profit organization that organizes all kinds of events in the Boonville area to celebrate the arts.


If you aren't familiar with the concept of fan funding, this is a popular method of fundraising for independent musicians in the current climate of upheaval in the music industry. It allows fans to be involved and contribute to the success of their favorite bands. It also allows bands to include their fans in the process of making a new album, making it a more collaborative effort.